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A tabletop-roleplaying game for 2 or more persons (1 Game Master & 1 or more players), this game is a slice-of-life simulation that emulates the frustration of trying to get by in life! 

In Sunfish, player characters traverse their daily lives, working to overcome challenges and tribulations, all in the hope they can obtain their goal. Expendable dice pools representing one's Zest for Life and Will to Live are used to overcome everyday obstacles, but watch out! Running out of one's Will to Live can see a game coming to a bittersweet conclusion. 

Sunfish Sitting There is a personal experience that can be exciting, somber, or anywhere in between. Sunfish simulates the stress of life, the frustration of circumstance, and the joy of finally obtaining simple desires. 

Easy to pick up and play, Sunfish is a perfect 2-person experience with an average session lasting around 1.5 hours, and easily modified for a catered experience. 


Buy Now$5.50 USD or more

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A super cool game, nicely written out and clear to understand. The layout is clean and fits the theme. Yes cute moonfish are cute.

I love the use of icons to easily make clear how many players and how long it takes to play it, together with the chart of play really helps out to make this a lovely experience.

Aw thank you so much! it was certainly an experimental project, glad to hear you enjoyed it!