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EXTREME ULTIMATE FishBlade, a brand new entry in the long-standing and money-milking franchise of FishBlade! This redefinition of a well-loved classic sports a slew of narrative beats and rules to bring the nostalgic flair of FishBlade back to your kitchen table! 

With enough rules for MinMaxers to chew on but enough lovable atmosphere for even the most casual player, we promise EXTREME ULTIMATE FishBlade will be a mildly enjoyable experience for everyone at the table while simultaneously not fully meeting their expectations for Saturday Game Night. 

You cannot buy EXTREME ULTIMATE FishBlade. You can try but you'll fail like really quickly. Rather, EXTREME ULTIMATE FishBlade comes pre-owned with your itch.io account. Simply install (download) it and start your adventure! 

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorBogus Cheesecake


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10/10 game, clearly acheived optimal efficiency by skipping unecesaary playtesting. Particular highlight is the fact that if you play with two neurons as suggested the hp calculation means your fish immediately dies