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Bolarius is a world unlike any other. A setting designed for DnD5e with a focus on quieter, more peaceful stories, this guide contains everything you need to bestow your campaign with all the themes of the world of Bolarius.

Creatures fly over endless pastures. Airships carry cargo between solitary settlements over fields of sheep and grain. Whalers hunt in search of the elusive skywhales. The soft, quite, post-apocalyptic world of Bolarius sees the final years of civilization close out in a realm of peace and simple existence.

The world of Bolarius follows several core themes that shape the facets of life:

  • The End of The World  -  Civilization in Bolarius stands on its last legs. The population is ever-declining, and the final sunset of society on Bolarius is near. Those who live in the world spend their days peacefully. The end of civilization is not a tragedy, or a disaster - it simply is. 
  • Peace  -  With the time left to the people in Bolarius, peace is recognized as an important aspect of treasuring one's own life. Crime, strife, and war are bygone relics in the world of Bolarius, as the means of life far outweigh the remaining population, and every single life is precious. 
  • Community  -  Settlements in Bolarius are spread across a fantastical grassland, separated from one another. Mail carriers, travelers, and skysailors work to spread communication and keep the desolate cities of Bolarius intertwined. 

One of the most important professions in Bolarius, skywhaling. Hunting the elusive, ginormous beasts that ride upon the wind for their many uses and vast resources. As skywhalers, players travel throughout the skies, nomadic hunters in a sea of clouds.

  • Customizable airships and whaleboats for a home above the ground
  • Specialized crewmates each with their own uses to help your journey
  • Procedural hunting systems to pinpoint and corner formidable skywhales
  • Travel systems and resource management to keep your vessel flying

Each settlement in Bolarius has unique wants, needs, and cultural identities. Use your airship to visit different locations, trading goods and seeking profit as you explore the world. 

  • A unique map with 15 settlements, each with their own needs and culture
  • 11 different resources to trade, sell, and barter during your journey
  • Factions and guilds to obstruct or aid your endless journey

Bolarius also includes a collection of other items, creatures, lore and activities for your next campaign

A fully-stocked bestiary with new creatures

2 new fully-fleshed out downtime activities: Scrimshawing and Fishing

A slew of items for whaling, skysailing, and exploration

2 new backgrounds: The Whaler and the Primalist

Campaign suggestions, reference sheets, and so much more!

Bolarius contains everything necessary you could possible need to run a skywhaling adventure in the final years of civilization. 


Buy Now$15.99 USD or more

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I fully plan on running either a one-shot or a campaign in this setting, it is absolutely wonderful reading so far. The art is gorgeous as well!